After School Program Bucks County

Learning Activities

Each week, we embark on a journey through the alphabet, beginning with A and venturing all the way to Z. Throughout each week, we immerse ourselves in lively songs that highlight each letter’s unique sound. Through creative activities like art and play, we foster an environment where every child can confidently recognize and identify their ABC’s. Our children engage with safe, non-toxic playdough and sand, while our dedicated teachers captivate their imaginations with captivating stories and exciting letter scavenger hunts, ensuring that learning is always a joyful adventure.

Miss. Julie is an experienced music teacher that comes to our center twice a week. She has a deep passion for educating young minds about both classical and modern composers, she enriches the experience for all our classes — from babies to Kindergarten. Your children will enjoy dancing exploring various instruments with her guidance.

We embrace technology as a valuable tool to support learning. Our teachers are allotted 30 minutes each day to show educational videos related to the theme or letter of the week. Additionally, our spacious recreational room transforms into a cozy movie area every Friday, featuring kid-approved films. In our Kindergarten class, students have access to computers equipped with various educational programs.

At our center, sports are a blast thanks to our awesome gym coach who swings by twice a month! Every two weeks, he mixes it up with soccer, baseball, volleyball and more! He’s all about making sure each session is perfect for each age group. Our gym sessions take place outdoors on our expansive grounds, and on rainy days, we move indoors to our spacious recreational room. During summer camp, he incorporates water-based activities to add fun and keep everyone cool on hot days.

How To Enroll Your Child?

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